Since 1 July 1837 the Kent Registration Service has recorded the births, deaths and civil marriages of the people of Kent. The registration of births, deaths and marriages is very much the history of mankind being the three main personal events of life.

Historical registration records archived It is history which is recorded locally as it happens and the 16,000 plus registers held by the Kent Registration Service contain many records of births, deaths and marriages of both the famous and infamous, rich and poor, dramatic events and social history which have in one form or another shaped the County of Kent over the last 160 years. This reflects the important part played within society by the service as a gatherer and recorder of information.

The Registration service proves the connection of families, the existence of individuals and the relationship of one person to another. The service also provides a means for the compilation of detailed medical and social information on the population structure of the Country. The statistics produced from this information are most necessary to both local and central government in planning future change and development.

A simple entry in a birth register does not convey who that child may be in latter life, or a list of unknown deaths from cholera in 1849 cannot do justice to the terrible ravages of this fatal disease during the nineteenth century.

The object of this site is to look behind the entry in the register and to bring to life the history and story of the particular birth, death or marriage.

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